Volleyball - Wed, Aug. 2, 2017

Milan, Italy - The Viterbo volleyball team will open the 2017 season with a trip of a lifetime. The V-Hawks will play 6 matches and spend 12 days traveling in Europe. Daily updates and pictures will be posted on this page as well as all V-Hawk social media sites. 



Tuesday, August 1st - Milan, Italy


Sorry we haven't updated everyone about the last few days; we have been very busy traveling and sight seeing.  Our flight left from MN at 7:30 Sunday night and we arrived to Iceland at 6:30am (their time). ''Twas a long night but we were ready to voyage out into Iceland. A tour bus picked us up from the airport and took us to two fun destinations. First, we saw the Gullfoss waterfall and hiked to the top. Next stop was the Iceland Geysirs(that's how they spell it so don't think I spelled it wrong). If you want to know more details, ask Hannah she was loving it (she slept on the bus). After the 10 hour layover in Iceland, we caught our flight to Milan. 

We arrived in Milan and to our hotel at around 11:30pm. We had to get to bed early because we had practice the next morning. We explored the hotel a bit but we were happy to get some sleep in an actual bed. This morning we got up and ate breakfast in our hotel before walking to the Italian Olympic Training Center where we practiced. After practice we were served a large Italian lunch but we weren't expecting a four course meal so we filled up on the first course we were served. Then went back to the hotel to get ready to take on the day in downtown Milan. While in Milan we saw the beautiful Duomo Cathedral and shopped til we dropped while eating gelato. We even met a few cute Italian boys!! (Picture below) For dinner we were served pasta, lots of bread, wine, and pizza. What more could a girl want? Now we're back at the hotel resting up for another busy day tomorrow. Stay tuned!! 

-Amelia and Katie 

Wednesday, August 2nd

We have been enjoying the amazing weather, views, and food. The last couple morning practices have been nothing short of a lot of sweat and high energy. With the gym being at least 100 degrees even the coaches were dripping. Having practice in the itialian Olympic training center has been a once in a life time experience. After morning practice on August 2nd we loaded up the bus and headed to Verona. Verona surprised many of us with the amazing buildings and oh, yeah the shopping was pretty great too.  We all enjoyed $4 bottles of water and amazing mozzarella cheese on our pizza. 
After leaving Verona we headed towards Venice where we enjoyed a couple hours in the spa pool. Considering we sweat just as much walking around Verona as we did at practice the pool felt pretty great, even though the parents almost got us kicked out. Yes we are only at this hotel for one night but sometimes the parents get a little out of control. We enjoyed a nice buffet dinner right in the lobby of our hotel, not knowing the dress code all the guys had to put on pants. This meaning they all had to take a shower for the third time today. A special thanks to Grant for being our biggest fan and making the trip across the world with us. Thank you for continuing to follow Viterbo volleyball, it is greatly appreciated. We are headed into the city of Venice tomorrow morning at 7a.m.. We will have our first match at 8:00 tomorrow evening. 
- TL and Chloe 

Thursday, August 3rd

Croatia is a beautiful country, and we were fortunate enough to experience the best of it! We started off the day with a bus ride from our seaside hotel in Umag to Rovinj. Rovinj sits alongside the Adriatic Sea, and boasts picturesque views of the water and surrounding countryside. We arrived there around 10 am, and dispersed into groups to explore the city. Some of us rented scooters to see the entire city, while others set out on foot to visit the Church of St. Euphemia, which is a classic Croatian cathedral. On the way there we traveled up cobblestone streets and explored shops with beautiful handmade goods. After visiting the church, we made our way down to the rocky coastline. We decided to take a dip and jumped into the Adriatic Sea. The water was astonishingly clear and blue, and you could see all the way to the bottom! Once we were tired out from swimming, we sat down for lunch at a classic beachside restaurant. We then headed back to Umag for our match against a Croatian club team. We won the game, and had a great time getting to know the other players. Afterward, we went back to our hotel for more swimming in the Adriatic Sea. Around 8pm, we had a delicious buffet-style dinner outside with live entertainment. Before we knew it, we were dancing the night away! When the music stopped, we were ready to rest up for another fun day in Europe!

~Maya and Natalie

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